Gute Leute , nicht brennen

By Unknown via Wikimedia Commons

We're not participating frequently in cultural activities but it's some of the things I'd love to do more.
3,5 years ago I was following with great interest the "War Diaries Leuven" blog, where a historian published extracts from diaries from local people from Leuven during August 2014 in WWI when Leuven was partially destroyed by the German troops and a big part of the population had to flee.

So when I noticed that my cousin picked up directing again and that he had directed a play based on these war diaries, I was immediately interested.  The challenge was finding a day that Jan would certainly be home and then book a babysit, but that all worked out.

Previous Thursday our regular babysit stayed over for dinner with us and then we left the boys at bedtime in her hands while we walked to the nearby theatre.  Aaaah the joys of living in the city: culture at walking distance.

We took our seats in the cosy little theatre hall and jumped back in time back to those grim days where everything was confusing, changing, frightening and you didn't know anymore what was behind all the facades. Gute Leute, nicht brennen.

We spent a cosy evening out and were back home right in time for our bedtime. Perfect :)


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