Productive day

We had a productive day in the Ardennes today.   While Jan went grocery shopping with the boys, and I continued my wall paper job from a month ago.  This time I didn't have to spend all day on my knees but I could finish 2 straight walls and a part of the ceiling.  I had to adjust a bit to the new type of glue but after a while I progressed better.   

In the afternoon Jan and Kabouter joined me during Beertje's nap and they constructed the doors to close off the storage corner of the attic. Kabouter had fun for a while to assist but since he couldn't do that much and had to beware not to be in our way, he quickly got tired of handing us tools when we asked for them.   

So now half of this attic room is ready for painting.  We progressed much more than I had hoped for so that felt great. Nevertheless I calculated that I need another 10 hours to finish all the wallpaper needed , then everything needs 2-3 layers of paint,  the staircase needs varnish and then we need a floor and furniture.  Hmm not finished yet in the near future. 


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