Revisiting Antibes

Under threatening wind and clouds just like the first time I've visited Antibes, we went back with the entire family. For my in-laws Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins is a trip down in memory line since they've spent a lot of their childhood vacations in this area.  It was our first intention to come here on vacation but our hotel was overbooked due to a Jewish group celebrating Jewish Easter (and turning the hotel kitchen koosjer) so we were transferred to Cannes instead.  We didn't regret that at all.

But we made a family excursion to show everyone where they've been on vacation several decades ago, where Jan and his brother took sailing lessons etc etc. We strolled along the fortified walls of the pitoresque Antibes, through the narrow streets and we went back to the market. Unlike last time, the market was rather small but still enjoyable. 



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