Angry and sad toddlers

Beertje has strong facial expressions both happy as angry. As a toddler he has to learn to deal with all his emotions which leads to the typical "I am two and I say no "  tantrums.  Fortunately there aren't too many and it's all mostly in control.   Yet sometimes I just melt when watching him struggle with disappointment and anger. While sometimes I just wish I wasn't there because I don't want to deal with it, in all honesty very often I find it very cute...the emotions are so sincere, the drama is real for him and I just want to hug this mini (or laugh very hard). 

Kabouter on the other hand has passed the phase of toddler tantrums. He's a very good boy, a true diplomat who values good relations very strongly. He really wants to do well for all of us, so when we have to be angry at him for something, he mostly struggles with disappointment and sadness for "failing to be good". If he can't get what he wants, he'll reluctantly accepts with a pouting lip but with hardly any protest (although he can do a good portion of whining).  He's a boy who says way too much "sorry".

I'm curious to see them both evolve


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