Made in Belgium: Tourist LeMC (update)

When I posted about Tourist in 2012 he was quite unknown to unknown curiosity that I found online. 

Much has changed in the recent years and Tourist le MC has evolved to a hip hop phenomenon, a successful artist with lots of airplay and great hits. In 2015 and 2016 he ruled our radio stations. He broke the records with a 20 week long number 1 position in the ultratop hitparade with the song Horizon during 2016.  He closed off the huge Rock Werchter festival in 2017.  And that is a good thing! His talent , his beautiful texts, the music deserves the success he had. I'm actually eagerly waiting for new songs as it's recently quiet. Hopefully he's re-energizing and working on new inspiration for more great music.  In the mean time, I play the songs from his album En Route another time and I give you a much needed update from the 6 year old post.

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