Mixed enthusiasm at the fair

At the beginning of the month there was a fair in this part of Leuven.  Kabouter had visited it with school and was working for a few weeks on fair ...building their own games and organising their own little old school games for the other school children at school. Very fun.

I figured it would be some good quality time together on a holiday to go and visit as well. Kabouter's enthusiasm was great and his little brother tagged along.  "First we go fishing ducks" he decided and so we did. He had already set his eye on a noisy robot moving police car , so he had a goal to fish.  His brother helped faithfully and a little later I was carrying 2 boxes of cheap plastic with questionable quality.

"Now we go to the merry-go-round", Kabouter decided. I had anticipated this as he had won a free ride during his class visit  (although he didn't realise what his price card that he carried around ment). I calculated how many rides I'd need....if one could go, the other one would want to go as well, I believed. I only could buy even number of tickets so it was a bit tricky.   I encouraged Kabouter to try to take the trophee 'flos' as he had done with his class...and sure enough, he got it again.  Great, so I had an even number of rides again.

But Beertje started to look more and more distressed in his little car and ...the next round he refused to go anymore. And so we were watching together how Kabouter continued turning in circles.

We gave it another try and this time I stayed on the carrousel next to the boys to keep Beertje relax, but he was unhappy and wanted to go home. And in solidarity Kabouter also wanted to go (in retro-respect, he wanted to play with his noisy ugly police car robot).
And so we returned much earlier than I had anticipated and I still have an odd set of unused ride tickets for next year.  Quite a different first experience than his brother's first time at a slightly younger age. 


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