Reunited with their dad

Jan spends more or less half of his working days abroad, so we are quite used to spending one or two evenings/nights or mornings alone each week.  When the children were smaller, that was very stressful but now that they are a bit more independent and comprehending, it has become a bit easier. We have our routines to get to school in time (or almost on time), and we have our routines in the evening with a special thanks to our regular babysits that pick up the children 3 nights a week.

A few times a year however, Jan travels to the US and that's a full week including 1 or 2 weekends. And that sucks. I find it quite hard to spend that much time alone, I miss adult conversations etc. And the children clearly miss their dad as well when it is that long.

I had timed our visit to my parents well so we could return in time and surprise Jan while waiting at the airport arrivals. It's not something we had done recently.  His car was at the airport, so he didn't need or expect a pick-up but I figured it was a fun gesture that everybody enjoyed.

catching up hugs

checking out presents


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