I feel sick but we can't stay silent!

I've felt a big nod in my stomac for quite some weeks ago.
Some nausea that worsened and then faded a bit to the background only to return into focus
when I listen to the news, when I read tweets, ...

I wonder in what world my children are growing up
I wonder who are those people that are so hatefull, sour and bitter
I wonder whether they truly have become so numerous that politicians dare to say the most inhumane things and get away with it?

A child got killed by a police bullet...(and I want to believe that was an accident) but instead of empathy, grief, ...I hear the message that it's the parents fault as they were illegal refugees taking risks.  I did not know that breaking a law puts you at risk for having your children shot ??

A rescued boat got refused to arrive in a safe land. Should we name it MS St Louis?

This week we were warned on the tv news about the audio fragments from crying children that have been separated from their parents, are kept in cages and have high uncertainty to ever be reunited with their parents. I switch channels to avoid my children to see the images. When will those children ever be reunited with their parents again??

I read on twitter how any protest gets put-away by tirades against the "poco's" - the political correct- which is clearly one of the new biggest swear words. Because searching nuance, context, truth, equilibrated solutions that apply rules and justice in a human way ... and trying to see above all in all situations that the others are humans, that is apparently the biggest negative quality you can have.

And I feel nausea and tears.  The same nausea and tears as when I saw Aylan on the beach.
Do we learn from history? We can't be silent.

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