Ceci n'est pas le champion du monde

It must have been confusing for the tourists in Brussels today.  The Belgians lost their semi-final and became 3rd in the World Cup.  A few hours before the final started in Moscow, they were honored in Brussels by 40 000 people.  They were honored as if they brought home the world cup.  We relived our '86 euphoria all over. 

We thanked them for the best Belgian result ever. 
We thanked them for the fun we had during the games: 6 wins in 7 thrilling games

The past weeks we all felt united in hope, fear, joy, disappointment and pride.  Don't be fooled, this is not our nationalism. You won't see the slightest bit of this next week on our national holiday.  But I'm greatfull for what it was (and will be in 2 and 4 years ;) ) and these images gave me goosebumps. 


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