Lots of family visits in the heat

The first day of vacation with lots of tourists heading to the coast, road works, heat, some bad nights of sleep and a cold/ throat infection that is hanging in our house for a week now... let's say that the conditions didn't turn out perfect for me to go and visit all of the family.  In previous days I was usually ok during the day and then crashed in the evening and I had assumed I'd be fine now too.  Apparently not. 

What was supposed to be some nice visits in the sun with everyone, turned out to be for me some muggy day where I was fighting stress, stomac cramps, headaches, watery eyes and fatigue.  I'm afraid I wasn't a very social guest but I hope all the grandparents and aunts enjoyed a short visit from the children. I was glad that Jan took the wheel from me to drive to the Ardennes that evening to rest there in some coolness. 


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