Painting our new attic space

After a break during 2 weekends, I picked up the paint brushes again in the Ardennes with a mission to keep on painting until the finish.  I still had to paint a third of the attic in the first top layer and then all of it once more in the final top layer.

Fortunately each layer takes less time to complete and a bit to my surprise I was done by the end of the afternoon.  Jan and the children had in the mean time shopped for a carpet and with our last bit of energy, we managed to place that as well.  So all that rests now is placing the baseboards and adding some furniture and we have a new multifunctional attic space: guest room - office -  playroom.

Time for a recap of my 5 weekends of wallpapering and painting: 

Adding wallpaper and storage 

Fixing wall paper bubbles

Yep, my wall paper skills are not perfect, but I'm damn good in fixing the issues in a 2nd round.

Painting primer and 2 top layers


Happy children in their new space


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