Candlemas with pancakes

February 2nd is the old Christian holiday of Candlemas.  And it's a tradition to bake pancakes on Candlemas in Belgium. Some say because a Pope launched that, others because pancakes mirror the sun that shows the approaching end of summer and other tales say that on Feb 2nd workers were allowed to move to a different farm which was celebrated with big flat cakes.   The actual religious meaning seems to be lost in our current society but I surely saw a lot of pancakes coming by in my social media feed. 

I was actually a little surprised to find Jan and Beertje busy baking pancakes when I got downstairs since both Jan and Kabouter were more ill again and had just booked another doctor's appointment to see what was going on. Fortunately Beertje was a happy little helper. 


While the sick went to see a doctor and went back to bed, the healthy went to visit my parents with some extra pancakes.  We had good laughs with a comical Beertje that helped to take away some of the tensions.  Due to upcoming surgery for my mother and the search for the right care for my father, we'll not sit together at this table anymore together (in the near future). 

After our visit, we stopped for a short visit at my sister-in-law whome we hijacked from the store for a good conversation and a short moment of quality time between godmother and godchild. 

After all those visits, I enjoyed the fact that Beertje was sound asleep in the car and I didn't have any conversations for a while. Just silence and a blank mind.


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