The first harvests of the year

Sinds April we are going to harvest our vegetables again at our CSA farm. Well some of our vegetables at least. 

While I was convinced the field would still be in winter mode with nothing to get early April, I was surprised to get that first mail saying there was plenty to harvest. With some hesitation I went to see and got some good sprouts that survived winter, a big amount of lamb's lettuce that was already in abundance in the greenery and I tried some of the old cabbages that were sprouting. Those sprouts were pretty cool to add some variety in the lettuce! Yummy, that's something you can't get in a supermarket. 

In the next weeks the lamb's lettuce was already gone but we got lots of fresh spinach (which I partially eat as a salad as well) and I dared to pluck purslane for the first time out of which I made soup.  Previous weekend, Jan came home with rhubarb and kohlrabi which we don't know yet either. Yeaaaah we are trying new things this year :).

It was fun to be back but mostly it seems to be a variety of green leaves to harvest so I needed the supermarket to add some other vegetables to our menu as well.  I'm looking forward to the end of Spring and the Summer to go very often and get fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, etc etc. next to the green leaves.

only the tomatoes were not from the farm!


Saartje said…
Wij hebben wel veel aan het boek "de moestuin van mme zsazsa" gehad in de eerste csa jaren. Niet zozeer voor de moestuin tips zelf, want dat kan onze boerin het best. Vooral voor de tips van Dorien Knockaert bij elke (voor ons nieuwe) groente welke onderdelen je op welke manier lekker kan klaarmaken, los van een echt recept.

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