It's allright to ...

I read at Moederschip a fun list of reflections that are ok and put ourselves as mothers a bit into perspective. Nope, we are not perfect and that is totally fine.

Here's my sometimes funny, sometimes serious list of motherhood.

  1. Drop off your children at school with still some traces of chocolate or cookie spread around their mouth
  2. To know all lyrics from Piet Piraat and Mega Mindy by heart
  3. Stay extra long in the toilet or bathroom to have a moment on your own.
  4. Try to put your children in bed earlier so you can go to bed at an insanely early hour too. 
  5. Let them watch a bit of iPad instead of reading a bedtime story
  6. Say you don't have the answer right away to a difficult question or to say that you are sad about something
  7. Be happy when the children request to put on the #likeme playlist in the car and to sing along in full force
  8. Have added the smurfs song to your own happy playlist
  9. Still wear breastfeeding clothes even though you are not breastfeeding more
  10. Read an extra bedtime story because you just want the children sit so closely and still next to you for a bit longer
  11. Set a mohawk in the children's hear without them knowing when you wash their hair and then crack-up laughing
  12. Take pictures of their upset face because they can be so cute even when angry with you
  13. Leave all the toys on the floor instead of cleaning up because you don't think it's worth the effort
  14. Not intervene in a dispute among the boys right away...they'll have to learn to settle their own fights as well.
  15. Triple check when you had to fill in the date of birth of your children on some forms
  16. Dress your children (who almost have the same size but not quite) in each other's clothes by accident
  17. Tell them to stop watching tv with your own smartphone in your hand
  18. Spray some of your parfume on your children when they ask to also get some
  19. Be in bed asleep before 10 PM not by exception
  20. Make up incredible answers to questions of the children and see how much they believe or not


Anne said…
Leuk lijstje :-) Sommige dingen zijn gewoon goede opvoeding, vind ik :-) En dat laatste is echt grappig!

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