Reunited at Kootenay Lake

Arriving at Kootenay Lake is coming home for me.  As an exchange students I lived nearby this 104 km fjord-like lake with gentle mountain tops on both sides although some do rises above 2000 meters.

To the ferry
We took the scenic drive from Creston along the lake to the Kootenay Ferry and further in the direction of Nelson. We left well in time knowing that the ferry schedule was still on winter scheme (less crossings) and that you could be stuck on this road behind a slow vehicle with not many options to pass along this winding road.  But all went smoothly except for Kabouter's stomac who wasn't too happy about the winding road.  And thanks to his attention...mine didn't feel too happy anymore either.

Because we were well in time to get in line for the ferry crossing, we had plenty of time to visit the craft shops in Balfour first.  Then we parked our car in the waiting line for the ferry and got ourselves some refreshing drinks and a sanitary stop while waiting and enjoying the gorgeous view at the ferry landing. It's not a punishment to be well in time there :).

On the Ferry
Taking our car on a ferry was quite an adventure for the children. The Kootenay crossing takes about 40 minutes and is free. The schedule can be found here.  On the side is a small inside cafetaria and there are upper terrace decks.

Another ferry

Right after the main crossing, we crossed the side-arm of the lake to arrive at another shore.  This little cable ferry runs 24/24 on demand to serve the little community on the other side which has no other way of access and it only takes a few minutes to cross, so the children were quite confused and disappointed that they could not leave the car this time to run around. 

Chilling at the lake

For the next 24 hours we were just chilling at my host family's fantastic property. The boys played at the beach and made a failed attempt to clear the sand beach from stones, while we caught up the missed time together. After sunset we still hang out at the beach with a little camp fire while we could witness life the firefighting of a small forest fire near the ferry landing that was being fought with helicopters catching up water in the lake and dumping it on the fire. 

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