The last 2 weeks in 10 random pictures

1. We got hit by a summer terrace mood and heat laziness so we've not done very much cooking in the last weeks but have been found eating out a lot. Nobody was complaining. And when we were cooking I got a little help.

2. I love the summer vide in Leuven this summer

3. Some spider got confused in its agenda and launched spider season way too early

4.  We've been busy collecting Disney stickers and filling our album.  At work a big trade of duplicates got launched and if all promised stickers arrived we should be able to complete our album next week 

5. Our upper floor was occupied by sharks at bedtime

6. Kabouter has developped a grass allergy. So these are his new friends over the summer.

7. Last week's evenings were tax declarations evenings including the stress of an unstable system because I was submitting last minute (we had intended to ask an accountant but since he was not responding in the previous weeks I threw myself on the task last minute anyway and succeeded with more ease than anticipated). 

8. Once a year I'm all of a sudden spooked at my desk at work when turning around and realising that that big palmtree like plant has sticky dripping flowers out of nowhere. 


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