Tour of the family

Previous Saturday we toured our family again, scheduling several visits.

I must honestly admit that I dread driving to the west of Belgium in the summer weekends when all tourists are moving from or towards the coast. So I was slightly relieved to see a rainy forecast even though driving through rain isn't fun either, but at least I'd miss the day tourists to the coast clogging up our highways.  All in all we had very smooth traffic which was a big relief to me. I don't do well with traffic jams. 

First we had a stop at my sister in law, where my parents-in-law were as well. The children played together inside and outside and we had a nice lunch together. 

Then we drove on to visit my mother. While I did some technology chores in the house, the children goofed around. When finished we went to visit my dad, where the children showed off their newly learned capoeira skills or an imitation of it. 

A busy but rewarding day after which we crossed the entire country to arrive in the evening in the Ardennes with 2 napping children. Ok ok, I admit, I napped a bit in the car as well. 


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