A weekend with a little bit of everything

I had a busy weekend. Jan's and my obligations didn't really match and as a result I travelled alone with the children to Ardennes on Friday evening where Jan joined us on Saturday.  The weather was a bit wild but gave us nice rainbows.  Not warm, not cold, not dry , not really wet...

We cleaned-up the garden together and built a second hand water track.  In the evening we cooked together. The boys were so cute in helping each other and licking the spoon each on their turn. 

On Sunday morning I left the playing boys behind and drove across the country to go and visit my mom and my father.  And I profited from being alone in that part of the country to meet up with one of my friends that I had not seen for 8 months. We went for a walk in my hometown , ended up unexpectedly in the crowd of Elftopia near Ooidonk castle.  Interesting people but I'm glad there were no elves in the restaurant later on where we had dinner together and some good conversations.


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