Getting away with the 2 of us - back to Scheveningen where it all started

The timing was a bit strange all of a sudden and yet maybe perfect but a while ago we had booked a little weekend away with just the 2 of us as a late 10th anniversary celebration. 

Our actual anniversary had gone by somewhere during our vacation in Canada and that's fine. We don't stick very closely to big celebrations or high expectation on "important dates".  It's just a date, we are not so much into big fuss. We are not the couple that get into fights or frustrations because the other one forgets a birthday or anniversary or ... I think it's silly to be frustrated for a not fulfilled non-expressed wish anyway.

But 10 years of marriage does deserve some attention so I had organised this summer to book a little weekend with the two of us anyhow and I had arranged both children to stay with their godfather or godmother.  After searching for a fun destination for a while that would be feasible to get away on a Friday evening while still first dropping the children off at their destinations, I all of a sudden thought of Scheveningen. At first it seemed ridiculous and not an option since we know it too well, but at second thought it was perfect. After all Jan and I both lived in Scheveningen 18 years ago while working in The Hague and that's where we met. What could be a better destination to return to to celebrate a rare weekend without children in the year we are married 10 years?

So I booked and arranged it all.

Previous weeks I was fighting fatigue and emotions and it seemed too soon to leave for a little romantic weekend.  It was awkward since my mother's birthday was in this weekend and now that felt like a bigger deal to ignore than it did a month ago. And on the other hand, it might have been the most perfect time to take a pause, to reset, to be just the 2 of us, to reflect on the past, to be at a location where we know it all and there is no obligation to visit anything, to just be.

And so we spent a weekend near the beach in the most fabulous summer weather with just the 2 of us.  Perfect. Just what I needed . 


yab said…
Volgens mij kwam dit weekend juist op het goede moment. Proficiat met jullie huwelijksverjaardag!
Le petit requin said…
Proficiat met jullie tien jaar huwelijk!

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