The past 4 weeks in 18 random pictures

  1. All of a sudden it was mid August and we had to start searching for a new backpack, ready for grade 1.  Omg, where is that backpack with little legs going to? We didn't choose this one, btw.  

2. More store fun

3. A quiet moment of relaxation that seems ages ago. With all the recent events in our family and activities that were already planned, we do not seem to get back to the Ardennes in the near future :( .  I'd love to be there though. 

4. Someone put on his own sweater and managed to wear it by accident as a formal dress coat with slips on his butt.

5. Duplo trains have been rediscovered at our home and the rail tracks have taken over our floor in the last couple of weeks after a long absence.

6. We all need a lot of cuddling

7. We made our own pizza. It's so great, we should do this way more often. 

8. Our drama queen had a tiny tiny tiny little piece of skin open on his finger and nearly died.
At school he also panicked when most of his friend left the after school care just before him and he feared to be left alone at the moment we arrived. 

9.  I don't have appetite for my normal meals. But a bit of rice pudding from our local farmer was tastefull. 

10.  Swimming lessons started again on Monday and finally Beertje could join his brother in the pool. 

11.  Chocolate chicks in September...well that's like chocolate after Easter but why not? I think this is the last of our Easter chocolate so it'll be eaten in time before Sinterklaas chocolate arrives.

12. Lately I don't see Kabouter in the living room immediately. Turns out he has a new favourite cosy spot behind the seats. No, he was not on punishment.

13. Do you pay attention to the whirlpool of the emptying bath tub? We do and cheer for it!


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