The best autumn walk at Haus Ternell

Once upon a time I hated autumn and it became one of my most visited posts.  But then I made a walk in the forests near the German border. Not the usual pine woods but some deciduous forest that you can only reach via a road from Eupen to Monschau (D) so for us it's easier to drive via Germany with a big detour around the high fenns that have no roads across them. 

We descended a glorious valley in all it's autumn beauty with bright colors and took some pictures that now decorate our bedroom wall in big. And I fell in love with the fall season by this walk.

We have not been there anymore since we have children since there is a non-stroller accessible descend and even with a baby in a carrier on your belly, it is hard to see the many rocks, tree roots and mud patches when descending along a pitoresque creek. 

But now we considered it a good time to return. We quickly realised we are probably still 2 weeks early to see the colors in full glory but even so the parking lot was completely filled and first I feared we'd have to turn around in vain. 

The smalles walk takes 4 km , listed as 90 minutes. With the children it actually took us 2 hours and in the end we had to drag them a bit with our hand climbing back to our return.  But they both claimed it was a very cool walk. There are several small bridges to cross across the creek and when you reach the bottom of the valley the water joins a bigger creek "die Helle".  The children could step here and there in a bit of water with their boots.  The trees are very big as they all seem to reach the same top level regardless if they are growing on top of the hill or the bottom of the valley.
Compared to the descend, the climb up is a bit more boring ...which is a bummer if you are already a bit tired because then it seems long.

At Haus Ternell, the starting and end point of our walk used to be deer but they seem no longer there. Fortunately the tiny restaurant was open and has a large terrace with benches and a small playground so we could relax a bit after our walk. 


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