Thick walls

I learned this winter at work that ALL existing houses must be energetic renovated by 2050 to reach the climate goals from Paris. That means they all need to be energy neutral.  We currently have a renovation rate of 0,3% which is dramatically too low and much much lower than our surrounding countries.  Belgians born with a brick in their stomach? Well we would have better some insulation in our stomach.  We massively live in old houses and we don't invest in proper insulation (walls + roof + windows) combined with an energy neutral heating system.

Well, before I knew this we were already planning to insulate the walls of our little house in the Ardennes for the simple economic reason that we were using and paying for gas to heat the outside air.  We just have a brick wall ...knowing that you need one meter of brick wall to equal just a few cm of insulation material...ouch.   7 years ago we insulated the roof but that obviously doesn't make much sense if heat still leaves through all walls. 

So after hesitating for about 1-2 years which material we'd love on the outside of our house, we finally signed an offer previous Spring and now the works have started.  So excited to see the new thicker walls appearing just before winter is coming. Hurray!

And than later on we'll have to work on improving the performance of the doors and windows but we can't do it all at once.

What is the energy performance of your house? 


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