Mandatory cocooning again

One week after Storm Caria kept us all inside, we were home again on Sunday for Storm Dennis.  I had already spent most of Saturday at home on some administration backlog.
On Saturday night we had a fun outing to a party from the school's parents association. A mini party with not too many people attending but I had truly fun dancing for a few hours. 

So despite the storm I was tired in the morning and I felt the need to ensure I got some movement and fresh air to wake up and re-energise. I could only convince Beertje to join me for a trip to the Sunday market.  It was warm and as a result the wind felt like a fun challenge. 

Beertje has a gift finding " Canada leaves" everywhere and collects them to give to his teacher

In the afternoon there was time for comfort food, games, dressing up and cleaning up some clothes cupboards (getting rid of a big pile old too small or stained T-shirts). 

I caught Kabouter reading a book to his brother.  

Outside storm Dennis had blown a mobile road sign against my car yet again. Unlike a year before it didn't leave a scratch, saving me the admin of a police declaration and the car repair.  A big branch of the few remaining old big trees in the neighbourhood also cracked down and hit the road , fortunately without damage to driving cars as far as I could see; 


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