Our weekend in pictures

Due to the unstoppable predicted rain and Kabouter's birthday party appointment, I stayed all weekend in Leuven without much other plans. After a previous weekend where I was stressing I did my best to spend this one in a more relax manner.

1) Lego and clickformers constructions

2) Dancing children

 3) Downtown present shopping and a lunch together

4) Dropping off Kabouter for a birthday sleepover and returning with just our youngest 

5) Tackling the much needed clean-up a bit anyhow and by reshuffling some racks, enabling the removal of all box piles and a pile of other rubble on top of the cupboards. Big improvement and a big relieve!
(now if only one day those big curver boxes with those enormous "Paw Patrol" vehicles can disappear...)

6) Sunday morning pancake baking

7) walking in the rain to go get Kabouter back in the morning

 8) Some cycling time in the park.  Beertje's first (failing) attempts to ride a bike with steps.

9) The shopping box piled up with children's coats, fluo jackes, hats, ... (because the children can't reach our high coathangers) got replaced by low child-levelled hangers. With a big of discipline we have another piece of chaos in the house fixed. 

 10) Games with the 2 brothers

11) Watching a movie together, all cuddled up... a rare moment that they sit still next to me for longer time.

12) A phone call that brings bad personal news from a colleague 


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