In one week we got addicted to puzzling

Over the last holidays, the children received some puzzles. Until then puzzling had not been a big thing in our house.  Over Christmas however, Kabouter jumped up from puzzles from 35 pieces up to 300 in a couple of weeks. I thought it was fun to see as puzzling and Christmas vacation is very much linked in my mind with lots of childhood memories.

When I saw the Corona lockdown coming, I quickly ordered another puzzle for him but also a 1000 pieces version for me.  When the 300 pieces were quickly made, we started together the 1000 pieces and both totally got addicted to puzzle a bit together every 10 min we had free together.

I discover how therapeutic and addicting searching for a couple of right pieces is, every time I walk by.  I fear progressing too quickly because I already dread the moment to have completed it and being without puzzle again.  I'll have to see if we can exchange puzzles with someone in the neighborhood.  

On the other hand: we've finished the easy parts so I'm sure that all the blue and grey will keep us occupied for another week.  I'm curious if Kabouter will remain such an enthusiastic helper in the difficult parts.  Right now he always asks for "puzzle" time in our daily scheme. It's a fun thing to do together. 


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