13 random pictures of the previous 6 weeks

1) Now that we spend so much time in our house it's so important to make it nicer by bringing in flowers. I was so relieved to learn that local stores were still delivering flowers at the doorstep.

2) I still love to take pictures from my sleeping children 

3) Me on a solitary walk

4)  We got ourselves pampered at Easter with a lovely seafood brunch, delivered from a local restaurant.  Thank goodness for all the possible deliveries to spice up lockdown life

5) We are still puzzling! 

6) On the first of March, we moved out of our office for renovations...
only to lock down the temporary new office 10 days later.  My memories of the latter already seem to fade but the vision of this picture is strange.

7) my little home working video call saboteur. 

8) Corona proof statues

9) We spot a lot more wildlife lately, in all its forms


yab said…
Die brunch en dat standbeeld komen mij bekend voor. ;-)
Goofball said…
@yab: we inspireren elkaar eh

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