Egg hunting at Easter

The boys made a drawing on the window,  just to be sure that the Easter bunny would come by in our little city garden this year.  He did so the previous years but traditionally most of the egg hunting took place when visiting the grand-parents.  Not this year...

The easter bunny got his supply specifically from a local confectionary store as support instead of a supermarket. In special years he can do a little extra.  And I was amazed on how many hiding places you can find on just a few square meters garden.

The children were wide awake as soon as they rushed down from their bed.  From a top window on the staircase they had already spotted something on the slide.  It was still chilly outside but that didn't disturb their hunt, although they were about to give up before the end in order to go and eat some already.


yab said…
Zo fijn, dat kinderlijke enthousiasme.

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