Made in Belgium: Laura Tesoro (update)

6 years ago I was pleasantly surprised by our participation in the Eurovision Songcontest by Laura Tesoro. I liked her positivism and energetic vibe. I had somehow completely missed her participation in The Voice which discovered her talent.

In the mean time I mainly remember this sympathetic girl from Eurovision. Again I was positively surprised when I saw her early this year in the award show "the Gouden K's" from Ketnet, the children's and youth channel.  I clearly don't listen to the channels that give her airplay but she's popular with her pop sounds that yet sound very professional.  And she still manages to give me each time this positive energy.  So now I look up her music more consciously because her talent deserves it.

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Leen said…
Wauw die klinkt kei-internationaal! Moest ik niet beter weten, ik zou denken dat het zo'n Amerikaans popsterretje was - en dat is een compliment. Ik heb haar na het Eurosong niet meer gevolgd dus dit is een leuke verrassing :-)
Goofball said…
@Leen: ja ze kan me ook altijd positief verrassen.

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