Mandatory homeworking: advantages - disadvantages

It's been a month now that I've been working from home...The first weeks full-time while trying to combine with homeschooling the children. The last weeks I had to take several vacation days which made it all more relax.

I started this post on the very first day when I was sort of looking forward to working 3 weeks from home, not realising yet that it would be longer, neither that the children would be at home as well.

  • You are home to get all Microsoft spam calls that you usually miss because you are never there. (although last weeks it's less again...would the spammers in India not be able to work from home to do these prank calls?)
  • Wearing sweat pants and comfy clothes starts getting boring after a few weeks but there is no reason to really dress up  (no I don't work or spend a day in pyjama ever, that's a bridge I do not cross)
  • Our office space is in the basement and holds 2 desks of more than a meter and is well equipped. But when we designed it we stuffed the side behind our back full of cheap racks that got filled with filing binders, a spare fridge, etc... So now it gives sight to a very ugly basement background in the numerous video calls
  • We work both in almost continuous video calls next to each other and as a result we crate too much noice so Jan and I hinder each other while working.
  • What day is it? All days look alike. 
  • More video calls to stay in touch result in less working time. In order to assure just the social connection with the team, I'm calling a lot more frequently. 
  • Difference between work and life blurs as I need to catch up working time late at night or in the weekend because I need to spend a minimum of time with the children each day when "I work".
  • It's an illusion to work and take care of the children at the same time. 

  • Netflix at lunch (ok that was before the children were at home).   Or 15 min break to puzzle a bit with Kabouter.  Or a break to play some soccer with the boys. 
  • Less strict hours: the morning rush is so easy now as we don't have to be anywhere at time and we have no commuting time.  We get up a bit slower and still start working earlier.
    Given the situation with homeschooling children, it is also totally acceptable to claim a little break and be non-available now and then. 
  • Earlier dinner: we eat on average an hour earlier than when we commute. And since Jan does most of the cooking, I can basically work until food is served and go straight to the table.  It makes the evenings longer (although I sometimes need to catch up work as said above). 
  • Wearing sweatpants ....ha, they can be so comfortable. And wearing my moccasins. So soft and always on the right temperature! 
  • You are always home for home deliveries
  • Freshly made soup for lunch
  • Playing music again during working time
  • Spending much more time with the children


Marsha said…
De afwezigheid van die ochtendspits om iedereen op tijd de deur uit te krijgen: heerlijk vind ik dat!
Ik merk dat we net later eten - wat ook prima kan want niemand die de deur nog uit moet. En dat geeft ook niet, al blijft Hannah daardoor later op, maar aangezien ze daardoor de ochtends pas uit haar bed komt als ik al een paar uur gewerkt heb, is dat ook helemaal ok.
Het gevoel om meer vrije tijd te hebben zoals velen zeggen, heb ik niet echt: net als bij jou loopt alles meer in elkaar door.
Nog wat langer volhouden - wij kunnen dit!
Anne said…
It's an illusion to work and take are of the children at the same time.

==> dat. helemaal juist!

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