Streetart in Leuven

We've lately walked so much in our neighbourhood as a break of being told to stay at home.  And in my pictures I see often street art coming by since Leuven is since April part of the Street Art Cities.

It's really great to see more and more murals or surprising images and colors on the walls in Leuven. I love it.  BISSER is the best known local artist that makes international fame. But I like the art from DINDIN, also a local artist better. She can make these tiny surprising scenes that are part of the surroundings and seem to interact. However I didn't have any recent pictures of her...the 2 pictures by DINDIN below aren't the typical art of her that I want to show. I'll have to do some more Corona walks and find the other street art examples :).  (Yab posted some good ones recently)




Luis Manuel Lambrechts

Ben Slow


update: here are some cool examples of DINDIN and other street art works in see, there are plenty


ElsS said…
nice! (and good to know)
Goofball said…
Dag ElsS: ja er is echt keiveel. Hier is nog een link vol andere coole stukjes art (en ook meer het type art dat ik bedoelde in mijn verwijzing naar DINDIN)
Anne said…
Zo schoon!

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