Jumping in our own bouncing castle in the tiny garden

Beertje is a ceaseless jumper in the sofa.  Years of daily forbidding him to jump in the sofa has zero result.   Threatening and fearing injuries are all in vain.

With the foresight that we might have him alone in the house for weeks if his brother is the only one that can return to school, I was searching for solutions that might entertain him a little on his own.  I fear no toy or game will every be played on his own however.  But we can hope?

So I researched if we could fit a tiny trampoline in our tiny city garden...the issue is that they are tiny for jumping but huge and inflexible for our garden.  And the matter of protection is always an issue. Jan all of a sudden came up with the idea of an inflatable bouncing castle for a bit higher price.  Indeed the smalles bouncing castles are the same size of a trampoline  BUT it inflates and deflates and can be stored back in a small box.  So we can use it but after the fun we can take it away again and get our moving space of the tiny garden back.

And so this happened 10 days ago :)...


Anne said…
Haha zalig :-) Kinderen en spingkastelen... altijd een hit :-) Levert ook altijd leuke foto's op.
Kris10 said…
Dat is nog eens een goed idee!

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