Mother's day

Mother's day without teachers crafting little gifts for you
Mother's day while having the privilege to spend an unprecedented level of time together.

Mother's day where the children had to secretly prepare something while I was around.  
Mother's day where teachers had to inspire children and father's from distance.
Ok ok, I was told not to open any delivered postal boxes that could arrive, not to participate in the class calls and I was so kind not to open the teacher's enveloppe that was slid through the mail neither to question the appearance of string beads in the living room.  So it wasn't a secret something was going on but I had no real idea what.

This morning I was treated with a big delivered breakfast basket from a regional bakery. 

Afterwards I got a bead necklace, a Mother's Day poem and a lot of crafted drawings and a needed lazy day after a difficult busy week.


Anne said…
Mooi :-)
De bakkers doen goede zaken, zie ik overal :-)

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