New life at the farm

It's springtime and there is new life at the CSA farm we visit in the area.  Now that we are confined home except for some walks, we take the children with us to the farm more than previous years and we go and admire the new life.  Our CSA farm is small scale, mostly (self-harvest) vegetable growth with only a few animals.  To me it feels like walking in a child picture book:  "let's go to the pigs". "Let's go and see the donkey's "  "Now we'll go and see the chickens" "Oh there is a baby cow".  Very idyllic. 

Clearly we are not the only ones because last weekend we happened to see 4 of Beertje's classmates. A fun reunion with children running in all directions to pull grass to feed the donkeys and the parents in a big circle many meters from each other, checking how we were all combining jobs with children at home. 

The pigs and piglets

The cows not yet in the field

very very pregnant cow

The donkeys

Grain fields

our future pasta

The neighbour's dogs


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