Zigzagging through the western part of Leuven

Previous weekends we walked a bit from south to north on the west side of the Leuven city center. We still try to discover some new streets (for the children). 

This time took a gated passage on the ring road to arrive in the public communal garden behind some stately houses in the city ring.  From there we could connect again to the inner courtyard behind it from the former tabacco factories, currently new hip lofts, apartments and offices. The children were very enthousiastic about these 7tuinen gardens with little fountains.  "Paradise", they claimed.  I think they were exaggerating quite a bit but nevertheless it is a nice new quiet green spot to discover downtown.   And the garden fills with the smell of fresh pizza's thanks to the kitchen of the nearby pizzeria. 

Not far from there are some cute quiet streets with little worker's houses that now form a little neighbourhood with a lot of interaction. I enjoy strolling through these couple of streets that due to the lack of a lot of traffic (too narrow) and the colorful facades give me an idyllic atmosphere or remind me a bit of our beguinages. 

Up to the city center.

First time I paid attention to this nice little "castle" tower in the facade across the university library

From there we continued and crossed Leuven's shopping area, still strangely desolate (although "strangely"  starts to feel comfortably. Not sure if I'd be comfortable in big crowds right now).
Empty Bondgenotenlaan on Saturday Afternoon


The towers from the Sint-Maartensdal are visible from far away in Leuven and are one of the landmarks although probably not for the tourists. The quarter urbanised in the 60ies and 70ies in a modern architecture had to sanitize this part of Leuven, where formerly a military base was found.  A plan for a model high quarter was made to offer a lot of new housing.  The social housing quarters nowadays don't always have a good image but there is beauty to be discovered in this architecture.

Via the Dijle and the path along we all of a sudden find ourselves back into a very nice green spot that connects us to the harbour.

The reconversion of the Stella Artois breweries into a hip harbour area.  
The old brewery buildings and silo's and depots are all getting torn down and replaced by hip apartment buildings, hotels etc.   At the head of the harbor water are the HQ of the AB Inbev group.  Across the ring road is the current modern brewery site. 

Stella Artois, home in Leuven

these kegs of beer moving nowhere at the moment

Along the railroad
The classy buildings along the Martelaren square in front of the train station. Along the province buildings are some recent modern buildings. 


Els said…
My kind of city walks :)
Goofball said…
Els: je moet maar eens afkomen voor een stadwandeling samen deze zomer :)

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