80th birthday

Hi Dad,

It's me Goofball.  Today it's your 80th birthday.  I'm toasting to you. Happy birthday daddy.

It wasn't meant to be, you didn't make this milestone.   We didn't raise a glas of champagne together to party and the children didn't hand you a present. In all honesty, if we would have had the chance, I am not entirely certain you would have enjoyed it. 

We were the last time together mid August 2019.  The last minute we were together, for some reason I took this picture. 

Dad, we didn't forget you.  
You were with me on Father's Day last weekend.  We brought you all together some flowers. 
You are with me today, on this special day.  You share this day with Jan.  We're toasting on you and we are thinking of you.   

Happy birthday dad. I hope you are having a great party up there with all the acquaintances up there.  I'm sure you can put on some nice music.  I'll play your playlist as well. 

Cheers dad. Take care. I love you.


Kristien said…
Virtuele knuffel op deze speciale dag!

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