Chilling on a summer night with friends

Some of our best friends were enjoying a walking weekend in the east of Belgium and asked if it was ok if they came over for a visit.  Since we've hardly seen anyone in the last 2 weeks (those bubbles of 15 are insanely and scarily too big ... if we see a couple of people a week, it's a lot) but also since we see things taking a turn for the worst, we were very happy to take the opportunity and enjoy their visit now it was still possible.  

In the afternoon we were hanging around and playing a bit with the children. We were also enjoying our Kabouter who had just returned from his first ever Scouting camp. My big glad to have him back under my wings! 

Jan went to buy some groceries, took a long time and showed up with a garden fire pit...not quite the regular groceries I expected. While the men assembled their new toy, the women repeated last week's lake walk in the neighbourhood. 

Beertje playing with his godfather

In the evening we profited from our new fireplace to beat the chilliness and have dinner outside rather than inside, next to our neighbour cows.  It was a cozy fun lazy summer night as I wish they'd all be.  It was so nice to have had this with the upcoming thread that our social life would be drastically cut back again (for as much we had started it up again). 


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