Video meeting bingo

  1. Is x joining? I don't know  (entire conversation about x)  ...Aaaah there is X, ok ok, I see he's logging in.
  2. You are still on mute, we don't hear you.
  3. Ah nice to see you again. It's been ages since we saw each other.
  4. Oh cool where did you get that background from? I love it.
  5. Sorry I have to skip out early to jump to a different call. Bye bye.
  6. Can you go on mute please, there is a lot of random noise coming through. 
  7. Wait let me check here how I can share my screen. Do you see my screen?
  8. Is there any questions in the chat?
  9. I believe x wants to say something because he raised his hand. Do you have a question x?
  10. Sorry that's my children walking by. 
  11. Can you repeat, that sound is cracking awfully.
  12. We don't see that screen , you are sharing your other screen
  13. (someone on screen visibly doing something else)
  14. Chat conversation coming in from other participant in same meeting to comment on some of the discussions
  15. Is there anyone taking notes? I am presenting here. 


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