We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor - Pretty fly for a white guy

Anne from 


launched last Spring a fun blog concept.  She posts every Tuesday a music clip and then chooses the next one based on some association from the previous one. This association can either be the same music style, composer, producer, singer but also lyrics, content in the music clip etc.  The concept already exists for ages at Studio Brussel around noon "De Middag draait door", where people can suggest the next song for the next day.  The entire series of the entire year gets repeated at the year-end. 

Anyway...Anne's series made me a bit jealous because it's fun to make associations and come up with a new song. I tried to send her some suggestions now and then, but usually I was too late, or she had something else in her mind. 

So I was tempted to start my own series, but I had a better idea: why don't we combine our series. Why don't we trigger our posts and react to the post on the other blog.  In that way, we'll be challenged more out of our comfort zone and might come up with wilder associations (or not, let's see).  Anne was immediate enthusiastic, so here we go.    She posts on Tuesday, I'll try to do so on Thursday. 

Previous Tuesday, Anne posted Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters.  And my brain started singing "Pretty fly for a white guy".  The word fly was the trigger, but I find a good link in the humour of both videos as well, portraying some geeky or weird typecast characters. 

To me, the Offspring brings good memories back of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awareness Summercamp (RYLA) that I took in the summer of '99 in Idaho. I remember that some of us where doing playback on this song, including funny mimics and movements.  Ah those memories are the cherry on the cake. I hope the music brings you a big smile as well.


Anne said…
Samen muziek-pingpong spelen. Zin in :-)

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