The vacation dreams

In April, it seemed clear, we'd have to spend our vacation in Belgium this summer. I felt fine with that idea, keeping the hope that all would resume normal and we'd be able to suck in some sun and relaxation in Gran Canaria in autumn just like previous years. 

In April, I also had to take 10 days off from work because of decreased activity at work in the middle of the lockdown and I learned that, despite my expectations, I managed to relax myself at home and enjoy the time off with the children in Leuven.  

But in June we quickly released measures and borders opened and people were leaving. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances started making plans and left and posted beaches, lakes, mountains etc on their social media and it looked wonderful.  Our hotel booking for Croatia didn't seem totally unreal any more even though I knew things can/could change a lot in 6-8 weeks, so I was cautious with my expectations.  Yet the seeds of hope had fallen in fertile soil. 

Croatia with 4 border crossings and a very long drive (argh, long drives on the busy European roads are my personal hell!) seemed a challenge, and we already looked around for some alternatives.  Legoland and Denmark could do if we chose a totally different type of destination.  Ha, but Denmark was one of the strict countries not letting anyone in just like that. 

And then numbers took a turn in July, much earlier than anticipated. Yes, I am not surprised by a 2nd wave but like many people I hoped it would wait until autumn.   By now I am rather 100% pessimistic by autumn and winter when we are all fighting colds and live inside...ugh, I see lockdowns in my Crystal ball and no probability to escape to Gran Canaria at all.    But what about a short trip nearby this summer? Could we at least have that?   

I curse the fact that our holiday was planned months ago at the end of the summer.   I am jealous for all people who planned their vacation early July and have profited from a nice trip.  I see the European map turning orange and red, blocking our plan A, but also plan B, C and D where I was already searching for cute little vacation houses for a small getaway.  I don't search for a lot anymore. Just a spot away from home not too far where I can spend some time off to discover something new and relax with my family.  A beach for the little ones are big bonus points. A little house where we don't bump into other people as soon as we open the door would be bonus points as well.   I don't dare to search any more as every area I seem to look up turns orange with more Corona infections each week.  ugh...2 more weeks to wait and decide.

And I know that I shouldn't complain at all. I am a lucky bastard. I am spoiled. I can hide in the Ardennes like we've done all the previous 8 weekends.  I am not stuck in the house where I've been homeworking for almost 6 months now.  
I trust that no matter where I am, I'll enjoy the time off and the quality time with my family.  I am convinced that there are even dozens fun day trips in Belgium to do and have fun.  And yet it's frustrating to watch the news and see the new vacation dreams evaporate.  It would have been easier if hope had not started to grow before and if I had not seen so many vacation pictures from others until now. 


Anne said…
Sorry... ik besef dat wij echt wel extreem veel geluk gehad hebben door met vakantie te kunnen in een periode dat er nog weinig oranje en rood te bespeuren was. En ik ben er ook heel zeker van dat wij geen risico's genomen hebben. I count my blessings, wees daar maar zeker van. Door allerlei omstandigheden hadden we ons verlof vroeg gepland, en waar ik eerst dacht dat dat een drama was, bleek het uiteindelijk het goede moment te zijn.
Ik hoop dat jullie ergens toch nog iets vinden waar jullie wat plezier aan kunnen hebben!
Goofball said…
@Anne: je moet je niet schuldig voelen eh. 'k vond het wel fijn om je reisposts te lezen. Laat ons gewoon hopen dat het niet van kwaad naar erger gaat en we toch nog ergens naartoe mogen. Maar de evolutie belooft niets goed. Zelfs binnen Belgiƫ is geen zekerheid.
Vief said…
Hier zijn voorlopig alle vakantieplannen opgeborgen. Al had ik de dochter graag een paar dagen weg gegund volgende week. Na 10 maanden onafgebroken in de zorg te staan heeft ze eindelijk verlof.
Het zullen fietstochten en terrasjes doen worden.
Ook niet slecht natuurlijk, we zijn nog altijd blessed in vergelijking met anderen.

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