We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor : Dancing on the streets by David Bowie and Mick Jagger

Tuesday Anne brought her weekly post for #wedraaiendoor, the music ping pong we do between our 2 blogs.  She surprised me by jumping from Doe Maar to Men without hats with Safety Dance.

Ha, glorious song though and quite a weird but fun video. I had never seen it before.  
So I looked up the song a bit more to try to understand the why of the lyrics or the video.  Well, I couldn't explain the video but I learned that the song was written after the singer had been thrown out of a night club. That happened because he'd dance pogo style (New Wave)  instead of Disco. 

So my turn.  What to choose now after Safety Dance? 

What I didn't choose: 

  • Blues brothers (= Men with hats!!) : Everybody needs somebody
  • Men at work (maybe with or without hats) : Down under
  • Deborah Harry: She explains pogo dancing to Americans in an old video....very appropriate link but not really a song so not ok here but it's a must see video!! 
  • Whitney Houston : I wanna dance with somebody....ok but bleh
  • David Bowie: Let's dance

But I ended up with this classic brought by an unusual combination of 2 top performers in the occasion of Live Aid.  We must take this rare occasion to watch these 2 talents together and see them goof off on the streets.  
Because...if you are thrown out of your nightclub for weird dancing, we can always go dancing on the streets!! 


Anne said…
Ik vind het keer op keer schitterend je gedachtengang te mogen meevolgen, en je idee├źn voor mogelijke nummers.
Filmpje van Debbie Harry: zalig! Leuke vondst!

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