Biking to the Point de Le Hourdel via la route Blanche

Le Hourdel is a tiny village at the south cap of the Somme Bay: 2 streets wide boasting 1 fish restaurant, 1 pub and a lighthouse. 

The cap has a pebble hill that forms the point between the Channel and the Somme river coming into the sea. The Bay is 5 km wide at this point and falls except for a water channel almost completely dry with sandbanks (and sleeping seals) at low tide and is a vast amount of water at high tide. 

All of this was only a 4km bike ride away along the lovely bike route "la route Blanche" from our little house.  I explored the trip once on my own and we repeated it later on with the entire family. 

La Route Blanche

The German Atlantikwall bunker on the beach

The Cap

Le Hourdel


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