Finally ...and yet I do care

I've said it to a few in the 2nd half of September: "We need to go a couple of weeks in lockdown in October".  I only got horrified reactions.  Similarly, if I post anything about the pandemic on Facebook, I seem to only get dragged into discussions about the need of social well-being, finger pointing that the current state of pandemic is the fault of others breaking the rules (and yes they piss me off, remember this? ) etc.  Everyone has an opinion, usually opposed of others and everyone feels obliged to push it over and over again as if online discussions ever convince someone else, rather than drag ourselves deeper and deeper in the opinion trenches.  What a waste of negative energy. 

But I'm also tired of getting challenged when I say we need more strict rules.  So I guess I couldn't help myself from sharing my opinion too.  Have you seen those curves? The growth percentage that is dramatic.  If we get too far, all measures required from us will be worse. Without extra effort this will go dramatically wrong.  So we would have been better off if past 2 weeks were a lockdown to slow down the speed of growth, rather than the upcoming 2 weeks. 

So yesterday's new measures came as a relief to me.  That's right, a relief.  As a matter in fact, I believe that more measures need to be taken in some existing protocols (events, sports, eduction, ...?). 

I do care for all restaurant and pub owners that need to close now again.  Yes, it must be horrific and frightening if you've been through a lock-down already, and barely made it,   and been barely profitable previous weeks due to capacity limiting restrictions already and then being forced to this again. I really cross my fingers that you all survive. Gosh, getting out for a drink or a meal is such a nice break, I'll miss it in the coming weeks and I'll miss the businesses if they'd not make it through.  I swear that I care. It's depressing to think we can't get out to get served a meal or drink in the coming weeks.  I swear that I'll use take-out for as much as possible if that can support.  I am privileged that my income hasn't been impacted by the pandemic so for.  I hear your remarks that you take seem to take disproportionally the blame of the pandemic spreading, which is probably true. 

I do care for business that have been preparing for their stand at a Christmas market , who counted on that turn-over.

I do care for all people living on their own, seeing their social contacts drastically reduced again.  I know I am privileged living with a family of 4. Loneliness is a black beast. I'll try to reach out to those I think need it digitally as much as I can and please phone me, mail me, ...if you need a conversation.  

I do care for youth that feel their youth is taken away, the age of fun they should be in.  I'm sorry you need to be in your room by midnight.  It's not because I'm in bed asleep during curfew hours anyhow that I don't understand that it feels like a prison to others.  I do care for your well-being and I hope you all find a lot of support and understanding among your peers and relatives. 

I care for my colleagues who really benefited from returning to the office now and then and see from distance the few others, for whom the drive to work and getting out of the house feels like a breeze.  I know our social chitchat meetings don't make up for it, but we'll try anyhow. 

But above all I care for all those caregivers that see the nightmare at work starting all over again. I care for my acquaintances battling cancer or other issues who worry that their treatments will need to get postponed out of lack of capacity, I care for those (currently) 120 families per week that mourn the loss of a loved one in limited capacity and cannot hug each other in comfort.  I care for all those that got ill and continue to struggle with the aftermath of the disease.   For all of them, I was happy that we are finally submitted to more strict rules again. Let's hope they help and truly...let's hope they don't need to last longer than the current predicted 4 weeks although I fear they came too late to "fix" anything in 4 weeks time now. 


Anne said…
Ik hoef niet te discussiëren met jou hierover. We zitten echt hélemaal op dezelfde lijn.

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