A quiet New Year's Eve

For the first time in ages, we didn't spend New Year's Eve with friends.  Actually I think for the first time ever (except for New Year's Eve 1999...the millennium night where I spent 48 h in bed or on the toilet with the worst stomach flu in history).  

But all in all I don't spend too much emotional value to New Year's Eve, it feels less important than Christmas to me. So I was quite ok that there were no parties allowed, not even tossing a drink outside with the neighbours at midnight due to the night curfew.  

For the first time ever we stayed in the east of Belgium on New Year's Eve and during the day we enjoyed the snow a lot by hours of sledging fun.  So by the evening I was tired already, and it felt a bit weird and superficial to "get into a home party" mood.  Nevertheless, we got ready, set the table nicer, picked up our traditional gourmet plate and got dressed.  The children sure were in the mood for their little party. 

After our dinner, we just lounged in the sofa and goofed around a bit and I feared I'd be asleep before the children. In the end we got them in bed before midnight anyhow, and we watched TV until midnight (oh what dreadful countdown programs !) and then called it a night / a year ourselves.  And so the year 2020 ended in our little family bubble. 



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