Snowy Troupa

Almost at the end of 2020 we truly enjoyed the snow and praised ourselves lucky to spend a full week in the winterscenes.  Even though we now had snow too, we went to check out the woods in Sourbrodt a bit higher. 

As media had predicted, it was remarkably more busy when approaching Ovifat and the Botrange; The police had closed off all local roads towards Ovifat village. We turned into the calmer Sourbrodt but nevertheless I've never seen it so busy.  As a result we chose for a not documented walk, to avoid bigger crowds. We climbed up in the Troupa woods and soon we were in relative deep snow and no more people.  Awesome! 

When we descended back towards the boglands, I was texting with the parent's of Beertje's classmate who were also walking around Sourbrodt.  I realised we'd cross partially the same path so Beertje started yelling in the woods for his little friend. Right when we had to turn off in the woods on the common path... the others show up. Serieously, we met right at that crosspoint at the same moment.  You'd not achieve it if you tried. 

So we crossed the woods and boglands partially together and the path got quite muddy. The children's snowpants served more as mudpants here. 


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