Happy Easter

I wish you all a happy Easter. I hope you all enjoyed a nice day even though it was probably once again with more distance from your loved ones. I hope you can feel the hope that this day brings. 

For the first time, we spent it with the children in the east of Belgium. Traditionally we visit family on Easter, but this is the 2nd year that we are not allowed to gather. Last year we weren't even allowed to leave Leuven, but this time there are no restrictions on driving around, so we spend a long weekend here. 

It was a little stressful for the children, especially Beertje who wasn't too sure if the Easter bunny would find us here.  Fortunately for him he was reassured as soon as he opened the curtains this morning.  Right through the window we could already spot some. 

So we were all in a sweater outside at an unearthly hour, before my first coffee. But oooh it's so sweet to children run through the garden to spot new bags. 

And then it was time to get inside, warm up and chill with the treasure...and some coffee. 


Anne said…
Makes me smile.
Toch altijd zo'n apart gevoel hè, in de kou paaseitjes zoeken voor de eerste kop koffie. Geniet ervan zo lang het duurt :-)
yab said…
Amai, de paashaas heeft zijn best gedaan! Voor jullie ook een vrolijk paasfeest gewenst.
Goofball said…
@Anne: doen we! de oudste wordt beetje kritisch maar niet op dag zelf.

@Yab: ook vrolijk paasweekend aan jullie!

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