The motherhood alphabet


Autonomy...They love autonomy so much and at the same time require so much help and proximity
Animals...All children love animals

Biscuits and cookies...always in need for this, always something you need to carry on. It's a lifesaver.
Breastfeeding...the most precious of motherhood and something I miss thouroughly.
Bedtime reading is also so precious
Bruises...they are not the end of the world, although at first sometimes they seem so...
Bath time...a time of splashing and foam and ducks

Candy... a constant on the shopping list now since we have gotten ourselves in the tradition that the boys get some candy on long car rides. 
Curver boxes: you need them to store all toys etc. 
Consistent: rules must be consistently applied 
Cute ...they are 
Change their minds...whatever was their favourite yesterday no longer is's so fantastic to hear what crosses their mind and how they perceive the world.

Diapers...thank goodness we are behind that phase. Although it was sort of handy to travel: no children that all of a sudden need to pee at the most impossible locations/ moments. children are digital natives.

Encouragement...for each new skill, for all attempts, for progress. To keep trying after each failure.
Ears... A body part that only functions selectively 

Fear of the night... It's not easy to go to bed when you are young and afraid of your dark room
Farting...a source of laughter without social awkwardness
Forgive...we'll always forgive

Growing and is a miracle to see those little buddies grow, develop, acquire vocabulary and logic, move and talk, argue, ...
But also growing out of their clothes too quickly

Hugs...there is so many more hugs in my life
Hands...walking with a tiny hand in your hand. So precious. 

iPads...they've probably become the most essential toys in their lives if they could choose

Jungle: Parenting advice is a jungle full of contradictions, that I try to avoid
Jokes...Kid's jokes are not funny. They aren't.  But you must laugh of course. 

Knees...why is there always immediately holes in their trouses at their knees.  Can't they keep a single pantalon unharmed? 
Kisses...I love to kiss them

Love.  You never knew how much you can love someone until you hold your children in your arms.
Lick...some seem to mistake licking from kissing. 
Listen. It seems they need to tell you something non-stop

Multitasking ...   You must grow extra arms and eyes and ears with the children around. 
Mess...The house is a constant mess. That's the way it is

Noise...gone is the silence in my life
Napping...the next best thing in life
Nick Jr & Netflix (kids) have become the main entertainment channels in the house agenda just got more complex once play dates, birthday parties need to be added but also when which craft material or book for a specific theme needs to be brought along to school

Pure...Their intentions and reactions are so pure
Proud... they make me so proud comment
Pacifiers...very very handy but also hard to get rid off
Presents...they are very creative in finding new reasons why they should get more presents

Questioning...You get questions on topics you would have never imagined beforehand. 
Quiet...a rare condition
Quality time = family time

Reading to them, 2 bodies leaning in. I love it

Snot...the arrival of children is also the arrival of eternally running noses
Strawberries... highly recommended having in the fridge in all seasons
Sleep, something you learn to treasure. 
Sand: they love to play in sandboxes but boy, you'll find sand in places in the house you would have never imagined.  and body parts
Superheroes are important

Toys toys toys...everywhere in the house toys invaded 
Tears... when things don't go their way, when they get a lecture,  when their cookie broke unexpectedly, ... and you want to hug them so dearly and protect them against the world. advice to you, always carry a good supply of tissues on you.
Throwing's a phase. Just a rather long phase so it seems.

nconditional...they love you back unconditionally, because you are their mommy

Vegetables...why aren't we born with a natural love for vegetables???? why? 

Wrestling...2 little boys together, they seem to be constantly in wrestling games. 
Wriggle...the talent to sit still has yet to get developed
Warmth, what you feel when they cuddle up closely with you

Xxx , they seal each day with love

Yawn...they woke me up again last night. 
Yelling, too often

Zzzzz  ...why don't you sleep ?


Anne said…
Oh die tijd van knuffels en kusjes... zo lang geleden al hier!
En die tijd dat er een extra stop was aan de voordeur als ze thuiskwamen van school, om Milan zijn schoenen en zakken van broek, jas, trui... uit te schudden. Anders nam hij een extra kilo zand mee naar binnen.
En de tijd van de kapotte broeken, haha!
Leuk om te lezen, zoveel dingen die je weer vergeet na verloop van tijd.
ElsS said…
Leuk gedaan :)
Goofball said…
@Els : dank je wel, 'k vond het plezant om te doen
Goofball said…
@Anne: ja het uitschudritueel aan de voordeur hebben wij ook. Er ligt soms letterlijk hoopje zand aan ons voordeur midden in de stad :D

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