Today is D-day.  By coincidence I found the time to watch a short documentary that I had on my watchlist for a few weeks.   Colette is a strong French older lady who used to be member of the resistance in WWII.  Her brother was member of the resistance too but got arrested and has died in a concentration camp in Germany. 

Colette has always vowed never in her life to visit Germany.  But she meets a young history student that is writing about her brother and she agrees to visit the concentration camp together.  The documentary is about Colette meeting Lucie and their trip to Germany.  It won an Oscar in the category best documentary short.   It only takes 25 minutes (just as long as an episode of Thuis ;) ); and it is very moving and strong.  It's not lecturing, bombarding us with wise lessons, but shows the impact and emotions on relations, our past, meeting people. 

I really recommend you watching it! 

You can read more on Colette Marin-Catherine on wikipedia and the rest of the internet.  I found the documentary thanks to Jason Kottke's post, whose blog is always a source of interesting lines, information sources and food for thought.   He also links to the interview of the documentary makers. 

The documentary was made and funded by The Guardian


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