Sunbeams : an ode to the sun on Summer's solstice

Today is Summer solstice. And Anne's photochallenge, the Satur9photochallenge gave us the challenge of photographing light two weeks ago.  Since I preplan posts and I am always behind in reading blogs, I have a delay. But I was inspired to scroll through my pictures archive and noticd I love photographing into the sun. Often that's a failure, often it is a real gem.   And for Anne's photochallenge I couldn't just pick one picture...I wanted so many.  (and Anne: half of them can do for landscape and sunset later on as well)

So here on Summer's solstice, I post my ode to sunbeams and sunlight. 


Anne said…
Wat een mooie foto's allemaal zeg! Schitterend! (letterlijk)
Help me onthouden bij de thema's landschap en sunset dat ik er hier nog kom plukken :-)
Goofball said…
@Anne: is goed, dat help ik je onthouden
Goofball said…
@Anne: er zijn overigens ook een paar silhouetten bij.
Anne said…
ja sjuist, die voeg ik nog toe straks

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