Unpopular opinion

Several other bloggers have posted their unpopular opinions already:  Irene, Samaja, Boston baby, ... and I thought it was fun to join in. 

  1. Vaccination should have been made mandatory early up.  The tactic of making it unvaccinated people increasingly more difficult (with covid safe tickets etc) to motivate them is probably contra productive anyhow and it shows the failure of politics that doesn't dare to say that they wish it was a mandatory thing anyhow. 
  2. Covid Safe tickets are not safe as it mixes vaccinated and unvaccinated people, hence results in a risk for the unvaccinated (that could get contaminated by the vaccinated).  The only safe thing to do is to segregate vaccinated people from unvaccinated people. 
  3. White chocolate spread for breakfast with banana slices on top is the best breakfast in the world. 
  4. Women should work less part-time.  We are collectively preparing us for a poorer old life as we statistically live longer at a lower wage.  Part-time work reduces our future income.  I understand that many of us slow down to prevent burn-out etc.  But when it comes to part-time work to be at the school gate each time: I believe we also should be role models to our children, showing that mothers can have a career, that there are practical solutions to be found (day-care solutions etc). 
  5. We must kick out Poland and Hungary out of the European Union asap. 
  6. Company cars should be abolished. I own one already 21 years but I realize that I don't know the true cost of car transport and hence I overconsume drives.  (although my hate for care drives mitigates it...nevertheless I'll favour car drives over "expensive" public transport because of my distorted image of transport cost). 
  7. Chocolate is disgusting and cake is overrated...any dessert (except for cheese and fresh fruit) is in fact overrated. 
  8. Heineken pils from tap is good beer.  It wins on all blind tests.   Belgians are just being arrogant against it.  (I do distinguish tap beer from the beer in green (sun oxidated) bottles. 
  9. High heeled shoes are ridiculous.  The wobbling of the 
  10. Instagram stories are usually boring and a waste of time.  Too many people also type too much text in those stories, which is clearly a medium not made for text. 
  11. Granola not healthier than bread breakfast. 
  12. Selfies in front of monuments: why do you take a picture of a monument anyhow if your face is going to dominate the picture? 
  13. Whatsapp is an annoying diarrhea of mostly unwanted noisy (group) messages. 
  14. Fresh sheets are annoying
  15. Not all screentime for children is evil.   Like anything moderation and alternation is key. 
  16. We have too many opinions and don't need to share all of them constantly.  Nobody asked for your opinion in most cases


Leen said…
Enkele sterke meningen! Maar zo tegen desserts zijn, haha! :-D
Ik snap ouders niet goed die hun kind niet in de naschoolse opvang willen laten blijven. Ik vond dat als kind zelf fantastisch! Je maakte vriendjes in de andere klassen, en ik werd er veel socialer van (als introvert zijnde).
Goofball said…
@Leen: de bedoeling van de post is om wel wat sterke meningen te verzamelen eh :)

Oh en anderen mogen zoveel desserts eten als ze willen eh. Ik zit meestal vol (omdat ik schrans bij de aperitief ;) ) en laat het met plezier aan mij passeren. Niets erger dan zo een menu op een team dinner of zo waar je min of meer wel verplicht bent de voorgeschotelde dessert op te eten. En uiteraard is dat dan chocolade of zoiets. bleh.

Nee te zoet geeft me dorst en plakkerig gevoel en dat wens ik niet.
Goofball said…
@Leen: hier ook nog nooit een klacht gehad van de kinderen dat ze in opvang moeten hoor. Integendeel "waarom ben je hier zo vroeg?" hoor ik wel soms.

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