Playing (board) games together

Vacation time ...traditionally a moment to dig up some board games that we don't play nearly enough. But in vacation, we make or have time to sit together and play.  And as it turns out we have recently acquired several new games to test. 

Coronials by Mobile School

Well the game was launched at the end of 2020 and we played it the first times...well, we didn't anticipate it still being so relevant at the start of 2022. And that the children would be able to talk about new experiences such as classmates getting positive on Covid or wearing face masks themselves. 

But after more than a year, I am still in awe about the richness of all drawings and the easiness of the game (find the image of the detailed card) which makes it very easy to discuss the pandemic with young children and all the news and emotions that are linked to it. 

Ticket to ride: 

A new game that I found very hard to discover and explain to the children.  But now I think I understand it. 
After playing I read this is one of the new hyped games and I find a lot of excited reviews indeed. Maybe I need to play again with more adult players that are understanding some tactics. But hey...the children enjoyed putting little trains on the map.  The font of the cities are very weirdly printed though and hard for just beginning readers. 

A yeti in my spaghetti

A gift from Sinterklaas...and so easy but fun  (although not very thrilling).  It's like a child mikado where each one needs to pull a spaghetti from the plate turn by turn without dropping the yeti in the plate. 

Ik zie je wel! Jungle!
A new year's gift from friends...a huge animal search easy in concept and so fun. 


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